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Dr. Monica D. Reed was born to impact the nation. She has been on a mission to change the world one woman at a time. In addition, Monica is an award-winning, 18x #1 International Best-Selling author, transformation speaker, relationship consultant, and serial business owner. Monica Reed is a mother of four beautiful and amazing children.

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My Story

Many people may not know that she WON second place in 7th grade for reciting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech. She did not win the award because of the words spoken. Dr. King accomplished that already. Her deep passion for "CHANGE" came from her heart that showed up through her tiny body (back then) with a BIG IMPACT that later led to the middle school AWARD!


Monica lost her passion within that little girl behind life experiences, insecurities, childhood trauma, becoming a wife, a mother, and being anyone else for everyone else. However, her unique life experiences led her right back to her life's purpose.


NEWS FLASH. That girl is back! She is again fighting for CHANGE!


Monica started her journey as an entrepreneur by sharing her marital journey with the world by publishing her first book. Her story led to reconciliation and healing for many couples and women individually. Her fight will continue for change in families, marriages, and, most importantly, personal transformation. Her advocacy for change led to building healthy married couples and women empowerment communities. 


In 2017, Monica launched her coaching then speaking career to serve those passionate about sharing their journey, helping more women find their voices, and utilize their voices to reach back and pull another woman up.


In 2018, she won the Indie Author Legacy Award in the relationships category. She will forever take the stand for healthy families. 


Monica Reed completed the Global Leadership Academy under and was mentored by #1 Transformation Speaker Lisa Nichols and Profit Coach Susie Carter, speaking on the same platform alongside Dr. Cheryl Wood and the Legendary Motivational Speaker Mr. Les Brown. 


Monica continues to make a significant mark of her legacy in changing the trajectory of families for generations to come through new business HER Creative Corner: The Entrepreneur Business Center. The multi-location business is the platform and opportunity for new, aspiring, and existing companies to take their businesses to the next level. Her business has been marked as the FIRST black-owned, full-service, entrepreneur business center in Bucks County, PA.


All of her endeavors support the overall good works of her non-profit organization, Love Mama Inspires Foundation. The foundation serves children and young adults who have lost their mothers due to unforeseen circumstances. The organization ensures to continue empowering, inspiring, and guiding the children with the love, support, and community they need to carry out their family legacy. 


She is not only the founder of the FIRST Black Owned Entrepreneur Business Center in Bucks County, but in Pennsylvania, she is also the visionary behind the FIRST Black Family Breakthrough platform, The FIRST Black Family Magazine, the Executive Director of the Love Mama Inspires Foundation, and HER Impact & Success Leadership Academy. 


Monica Reed was the FIRST in her family to receive an Outstanding Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration along with the prestigious United Nations Global Woman of Distinction Award presented by the fully accredited Trinity International University of Ambassadors School of Business honors program.


Dr. Monica D. Reed is a solid voice to change the trajectory of adverse childhood experiences and a prime example of what happens when thought leaders raise awareness, create solution-based environments, and face life with a choice point; community outcomes become an excellent example of positive post-traumatic growth. 


Monica has led several social-impact movements, such as Reneww Your Marriage, Reneww You, and the "I Am the VOICE of My Ancestors'” Movement, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Her work has been featured on ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, BlackNew, and a host of media outlets. 


Dr. Monica D. Reed has committed to spending the rest of her life creating platforms and programs to help women-led social-impact entrepreneurs, thought-leaders, and legacy leaders rise and to help to build stronger family foundations. 


Her motto is: 

"When one woman heals, one family is healed."

 - Dr. Monica D. Reed


Feel free to contact us for any information you need!

3015 R.N. Martin St

East Point, GA 30344

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